Alice Levy: A watercolor artist

Alice Levy: A watercolor artist

I am going to interview Alice Levy on her experience with watercolor paint.

How long have you been painting with watercolor?

At least 15 years.

Is watercolor your favorite. If so, why?

It’s my favorite because it’s very quick and transparent.

Have you sold any paintings?

Yes, the most expensive one I have sold was $500.

I’ve noticed you paint on big paper, why is that?

It gives me more freedom to paint looser; big brushes help in the process.

Where is your favorite place to paint?

In Key West, Florida because the sun and the light is inspiring.

What is your favorite thing to paint?

I like to paint landscapes. I’m very drawn to it.

Do you like any type of paint brand?

No. I can make the best colors with any brand of paint from the cheapest brand to the most expensive.

That was Alice Levy and her life as a watercolor artist.