Golden Acrylic Paint: An Artists Thought

Golden Acrylic Paint: An Artists Thought

February 3, 2016

I am going to interview the artist, Pat Myers on his favorite paint brand, Golden. Lets here his opinion.

Why do you like it: I like it because of the colors are very vibrant and don’t appear dull like other brands.

Whats better about this paint that any others: It had a higher level of pigment in it. Almost pure pigment. Pigment is the substance in the paint that gives it color.

Do think the price for Golden is too expensive of is it reasonable: Its expensive stuff, but you get your moneys worth. One tube of Golden is like three tubes of Liquitex (another acrylic brand). So I think its reasonable.

Why does the paint stroke on the bottle have three black lines: So you see how the paint really looks and see how translucent it is.

Are there any downsides to this paint: Really just the price. Its the perfect product.

Well there you have it, thats Pat Myers idea on Golden Acrylic Paint. If he did not answer all of you questions, comment below for more questions. I will gladly ask him any more questions that you would like to know. To follow Pat Myers on Instagram, go to @patmyersart